JMCQ 2 Din Android 11 Car Radio for Hyundai Tucson 2 LM IX35 2009-2015 Multimedia Video Player GPS Navigaion RDS Stereo Screen

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  • Brand Name: JMCQ
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Din: Double Din
  • Certification: CE
  • Display Size: 9"
  • Out Power: 4 x 45W
  • Max External Memory: 128G
  • Operating System: Android 10.0 OS
  • Digital Media Format: Mp3
  • Digital Media Format: Mp4
  • Digital Media Format: WMA
  • Digital Media Format: JPEG
  • RAM: 1G/2G/4G/6G/8G
  • Material Type: Metial Plastics
  • TF/Micro SD Slot: 0
  • Resolution: 1024*600/1280*720
  • Item Weight: 1.5kg
  • Special Features: bluetooth
  • Special Features: Built-in GPS
  • Special Features: FM Transmitter
  • Special Features: MP3 Players
  • Special Features: Radio Tuner
  • Special Features: Touch Screen
  • Special Feature: Wifi Function
  • Special Feature: Support Steering Wheel Control
  • Special Feature: Support 4G Network
  • For Vehicle Brands/Model: HYUNDAI
  • Hyundai Model: Tucson
  • Tucson-Year: 2009
  • Tucson-Year: 2010
  • Tucson-Year: 2011
  • Tucson-Year: 2012
  • Tucson-Year: 2013
  • Tucson-Year: 2014
  • Tucson-Year: 2015
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Item Size: 23cm*14cm*7cm
  • ROM: 16G/32G/64G/128G
  • Model Name: Android 11 player
  • Interface: USB
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)
  • OSD Language: Arabic
  • OSD Language: Belarusian
  • OSD Language: Polish
  • OSD Language: German
  • OSD Language: Russian
  • OSD Language: French
  • OSD Language: Finnish
  • OSD Language: Korean
  • OSD Language: Dutch
  • OSD Language: Czech
  • OSD Language: Latvian
  • OSD Language: Lithuanian
  • OSD Language: Romanian
  • OSD Language: Macedonian
  • OSD Language: Portuguese
  • OSD Language: Japanese
  • OSD Language: Swedish
  • OSD Language: Thai
  • OSD Language: Turkish
  • OSD Language: Ukrainian
  • OSD Language: Hebrew
  • OSD Language: Greek
  • OSD Language: Spanish
  • OSD Language: Hungarian
  • OSD Language: Italian
  • OSD Language: English
  • OSD Language: Vietnamese
  • T3L: 1G 16G Android 10.0
  • T3L plus: 2G 32G Android 11
  • T6: 2G 32G Android 11
  • T10-S: 2G 32G Android 11
  • T10-1(S10): 4G 32G Android 11
  • T10-2: 4G 64G Android 11
  • T10max: 6G 128G Android 11
  • K3: 1G 16G Android 9
  • Carplay android auto: T10-S/T10-1(S10)/T10-2/T10max
  • 4G net: T10-S/T10-1(S10)/T10-2/T10max
  • Bluetooth 5.0: T10-S/T10-1(S10)/T10-2/T10max
  • Connect an external microphone: Support
  • Original Steering Wheel Control: Support
  • Connect To USB ADAS DVR: Support
  • Connect USB TPMS: Support
  • Bluetooth: All Support
  • Split Screen: Support(except K3)
  • Floating window: Support(except K3)
  • WiFi: All Support
  • 8 core: T10-S/T10-1(S10)/T10-2/T10max
  • QLED 1280*720: T10-1(S10)/T10-2/T10max

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Hyundai ix35 Tucson 2 2009-2015 cars have 3 different power cables with different interfaces, divided into A/B/C.

The car configuration is different, the power interface is different, please buy the corresponding package according to the car configuration, if you buy your wrong package, the radio cannot be installed

If you cannot confirm, please contact online service.

1. The front of the car center console is the same as the picture A. You can directly buy the radio model in the link, and the power cord is completely suitable for your car.(Send A cable by default)

2.The interface on the front of the car center console/the back of the radio is the same as the B cable or C cable, you can contact me to buy or judge for you.

When you buy a JMCQ radio, you can get extra useful gifts. The number of gifts is limited. Buy first, get first

JMCQ’s  Cooling fanIndustry debut

Solve problems such as abnormal restart or freeze, abnormal function caused by long-term use or high temperature environment

Professional quality appraisal agency certification to ensure the quality of the goods you buy



Compared with the original car, the screen is larger, the colors are more vivid, and it supports viewing from multiple angles. The new frame is made according to the original car, which fits perfectly with your car and is easy to install.

Real Android 9.0/10.0 system, support application split screen, make your use handier, support more latest applications.

The latest technology, using advanced Android navigation solutions, supports more custom settings and opens more options to users.

Support split screen display of any 2 applications, combining at will.

Support video and DVR applicationOf Floating Window, customize the display position, and make your driving experience full of cool colors.

T9 Support multiple 4G Network bands

The android 8.1/9.0 4/8 core system, supporting 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM optional, we will continue to launch more powerful machines, please pay attention to our shop Receive notifications for new products).

The default built-in adjustment is 48EQ, and the sound surround can be set at the same time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonderful music.

Supports almost all map apps. Before sending your favorite products, we will install the latest offline map of your country for you, and the map will be updated at regular intervals. Of course, you can also choose to use online maps.

The long working time of the radio will inevitably lead to excessive temperature, especially in summer, which affects the service life of the radio. The cooling fan can effectively solve the problem of high can buy it by clicking “BUY NOW” in the picture below.

Supports reverse display. When the car is in the reverse mode, the radio will instantly switch to the screen at the back of the car to ensure your driving safety.

If you don’t have the original camera, you can buy it by clicking “BUY NOW” in the picture below.

Supports connection to ADAS DVR. ADAS DVR has multiple built-in assistive driving technologies, inserting high-quality TF memory card to record every moment of your driving.

More and more national automobile manufacturing standards require that vehicles must be equipped with tire pressure alarm devices. The importance of tire pressure alarm devices can be seen. Click on the picture below to buy a tire pressure alarm device, connect a radio, and feedback your tire status in real time.

Support Bluetooth connection, dial Bluetooth phone, built-in microphone of the radio, even if the surrounding environment is noisy, the radio supports external microphone connection, which can still guarantee your call quality.


JIMCQ and car radios:

1. JMCQ is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of car accessories. The R&D and production of car radios have always been among the best in the industry. Many excellent sales stores are provided by JMCQ with supply and technical support.

2. JMCQ products from R&D to production to sales are all independently completed by the company, which reduces the cost of intermediate links to the greatest extent and provides customers with the best quality products and the most favorable prices.

3. JMCQ has a strong after-sales team, which can answer customer’s confusion at the first time and help customers solve any difficult problems (as long as you contact us)

4. JMCQ cooperates with the mall to provide customers with the best guarantee. When you receive our products, no matter what the reason,  Within 365 days of receiving the product, you can replace it with a new radio (as long as you contact us)



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